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NEW MOON + Britney Spears "Shadow" (FANMADE)

hello....hello...hello....Naz ada sesuatu untuk khas buat PEMINAT BRITNEY SPEARS........ok...tanpa berlengah mari tengok video...NEW MOON + Britney Spears "Shadow" (FANMADE)

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cuti2 gawai day di sarawak...

selamat hari gawai 4 those who celebrate gawai.......The Gawai Dayak festival is celebrated yearly on 1 June in Sarawak, is both a religious and social festival. Gawaj means ritual or festival and Dayak is a collective name for the tribes of Iban, Bidayuh, Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit, Murut and more.
Tracing its roots back to as early as 1957, the Gawai Dayak festival was formally gazetted on 25 September, 1964 as a public holiday in place of Sarawak Day. The first official celebration being on 1 June, 1965, Gawai Dayak became a symbol of unity, aspiration and hope for the Dayak community and is an integral part of Dayak social life today.
Preparations for the festival begin early with brewing of tuak (rice wine) and traditional delicacies like penganan (cakes from rice flour, sugar and coconut milk). On Gawai eve, glutinous rice is roasted in bamboo known as ngelulun pulut.
The celebration starts on the evening of 31 May with a ceremony called Muai Antu Rua (to cast away the spirit of greediness), signifying the non-interference of the spirit of bad luck in the celebrations. Two children or men each dragging a chapan (winnowing basket) will pass each family’s room in the Iban longhouse with each family throwing unwanted articles into the basket. The unwanted articles are then tossed to the ground from the end of the longhouse for the spirit of bad luck.
Around 6pm, the offering ceremony known as miring will take place, with ritual music; gendang rayah being performed beforehand. The feast chief will thank the gods for the good harvest, ask for guidance, blessings and long life as he sacrifices a cockerel. Dinner will then be served, while everyone talks and mingles awaiting for midnight.
At the stroke of midnight, a gong is sounded and the tuai rumah will lead everyone in drinking the Ai Pengayu (tuak for long life) at the same time wishing each other ‘long life, health and prosperity’ (gayu-guru, gerai- nyamai). A procession to welcome the spirits known as Ngalu Petara ensues with a procession walking up and down the entire length of the longhouse.
The celebration now gets merrier with dancing and traditional music being played. Others will recite pantun (poetry). Other activities that may follow the next day include cock-fighting, blowpipe demonstrations and ngajat (dancing) competitions.
On this day, the homes of the Dayaks will be open to visitors. In the longhouses, a practice called masu pengabang takes place where guests will be served with tuak by the host before they can enter the longhouse.
The Gawai Dayak festival may last up to several days, with visitors being welcomed to the homes of the Dayaks throughout the festival. It is also this
time of year that many Dayak weddings take place, as it is rare for all members of the community to assemble at the longhouse at one time.
In Sarawak’s capital city of Kuching, the festivities and celebrations of the Gawai Dayak commence even a week before with enchanting street parades and cultural activities. On the eve of the Gawai, a beauty pageant is held crowning several Gawai Queens, one for each Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu communities.
Some notable places to visit during the Gawai Dayak festival are The Skrang River, The Lemanak River, Batang Ai and Annah Rais.
Gawai Dayak is one of the best times to visit Sarawak as the festivities are aplenty and the lifestyle comes alive, embracing visitors within the celebrations.


For more information regarding the Gawai Dayak Festival,please comment this entry for more detail

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akikah batrisya...>>

  salam,sorry sebab lama tak post entry lately nih...that bcoz im buzy all the tyme right now....fuhh...kena mendahului masa supaya dpat keputusan yang!?!.....melencong pulak...haa..hari nih kat rumah nenek aq ada kenduri untuk akikah anak buah aq...namanya batrisya binti,this day dapat makan PERCUMA..hehehe...bukan 2 saja..masa kenduri 2 dapat release tension dengan suasana kenduri yg meriah....sbb hari2 tengok buku..nak gak spend happy time during weekend..kat kenduri...hehehe...ermmm...nak membebel lagi pun...tak tahu nak bebelkan apa..jadi mari kita tengok gambar2 batrisya and gambar lain pun ada..>>

ini lah batrisya..

me and nurul..
kena paksa..

ni saya dengan filzah athirah..

itu jelah untuk hari ini k.....
kalau baik hati...ambik link aq..tampal
kat blog korang ye..
sesiapa yg buat..
murah rezeki..

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HaPpy BIrthdaY 2 YOU....LAydee_N

dikenali sebagai
kakak saya

     All i want 2 say is.....this 5 May my sister
BUfdaY........anD i WAnt to dediCAte ThIs poem
 THat i mAkE spEcial 4 mY siS...

Wish I Was With You 

I'm sending this greeting
Not just to say hello
Because today is your birthday
As we both know

I hope you're feeling special
Because today you should
If I could be with you
You know I would

I wish for you all that you desire
As you deserve the best
Having you in my life
I know I'm truly blessed

I hope your feeling special
Because you really are
And you know I'd be with you
If I didn't live so far

I love you! 



drawing of


Go to UpM 4 whAt????

    i go 2 upm 4 motivativation with dr.shukri abdullah....heheh....tak tau sapa dia???dia pernah muncul kat depan kaca tv8 dan 3.....2 jelah yang saya tau sebenarnya....i really wanna be a top best student...and i want my dream came true.....want 2 know....10 tahun yg akan datng....we will see isn't possible that i can be a tuttttttt.....(filter)jangan jadi bapak ayam dah....hahah.....
     ok,i just want u what in the upm.......maybe a little....but sapa yg berminat dgan agriculture and sort of thing like can go to register here....and i will show u a littlebit photoshoot that i have at the UPM..(universiti putra malaya)....

haa...this is kiki and lala..
friendly rusa nih...

pokok yg tercantik
di upm...
bcoz pkok ni
berbunga purple dan terasing dari yang 

beri makan utk kiki and lala..

And this is 4 my blog reader
to thank for read my blog...

                                               ~A FLOWER 4 YOU~

NaZRiN YEn..CoMEBAcK..FRoM>>>>>>>>>

Just CaMe bACk From
PuLau ManUkan

        MY FiRst DAy
      exCited sangat SAmpai mEmbawa beG besAr...hhahahaha....ko aDA...tak daA....hahahahaha...
>>sampai Org kata saya NIh pElarian...        >>paStu g AIRport DAn sAmpai 3:00 petang..fLight pukul 4:00 >>

maSa kAt aiRport..
mood>> excItEd

TeAm SarawaK
bahAgian BIntulu..


cikgu maini
...CikGu pEngiriNg Kami...

On da WAy Go to  MAS WING airplanE..i coming SabAh........

                           In Da FliGHT......

                MakaN lahh...aPalAgi..

welcome to sabah airport......